Incoming logs are scaled and sorted for various markets worldwide.


Cherry veneer logs prepared for domestic and international markets from 2SideClear to slicing/rotary veneer.


Quality lumber begins with our state-of-the-art sawmill with optimization at each machine center. With technology advancements, we are able to increase our yields and produce higher grade hardwood lumber our customers can rely on. WLC manufactures approximately 50,000 board feet (118 m3) per day.


WLC can accommodate over 2 million board feet of Air Dried lumber with over 1 million board feet under roof. We take pride in ensuring our lumber is protected from the harsh weather conditions. Just another step to ensure quality lumber our customers can rely on.


WLC has 12 Dry Kilns with a total capacity of 600,000 board feet (1,415 m3).


WLC dry storage accommodates another 2 million board feet of dried lumber.